Environmental Policy

Since launching ten years ago Lucy Antwis has had the environment and planet at its core. No bubble wrap but recycled and recyclable boxes and filling. Jute string on soaps and wrapped round boxes can be easily composted and no air miles on any supplies or materials. Examples of our most environmentally friendly handmade  gifts are:


  • Compostable dryer balls that are made purely from sheeps wool

  • Eco advent calendars, these reusable calendars can be used for up to 3 children and can be used for many years.

  • Felted soaps, these soaps are long lasting, made from wool and natural soap and the wool at the end can be composted.

  • Pressed flower candle holders, these pressed flower jars are made with real flowers and glass jam jars.


And many more!


I use natural materials such as flowers, wood, wool and silk and sometimes spinners and woollen waste left over from other creations.

Items such a small the felted soaps and wool laundry balls are better for the environment as they last longer, made from natural materials and create little if any waste. Any left over wool from these items can also be composted! 

The advent calendars are reusable and can be kept for a whole childhood, being past down if desired. Also the roomy drawers on these eco advent calendars can fit up to 3 small chocolates or sweeties and so less purchases, no plastic or paper waste but one beautiful investment to help the planet.

Overall it’s an ethos that is being constantly reviewed and perfected. All my supplies and materials come from this country and I try to buy from independents wherever possible.

Gifts that the planet adores!